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NOTE: LINKRAND is not yet live! Purchase NOW for a 10% discount on all slots purchased!


LINKRAND is a NEW, innovative, cost-effective method of promoting awareness of your internet-presence. As with a million-pixel page, you are purchasing a portion of advertising space. However, on LINKRAND, your banner size is limited only by your imagination! LINKRAND works on a concept called Link Randomization, and is the first website to offer this new promotional technique.

How does LINKRAND work? What is Link Randomization?

LINKRAND displays a random banner each times it loads. But, unlike a million-pixel page, it displays only ONE banner each time. This allows you to create a much larger, more informative banner, without having to worry about fitting everything you want to say into a 10x10 square. Each time the page is reloaded, a new banner comes up! Instead of purchasing a tiny square, you are purchasing a chance for your page to load. The percentages are calculated to be similar to the million-pixel concept, only this concept is better because only your ad is visible on the page when it is loaded!

Why is LINKRAND better?

LINKRAND does not limit the physical size of your banner! There is a file-size limit to prevent slower-connection users from being excluded from viewing the page, but it allows a very large banner. What can you fit in an entire page banner? A picture of your product? A write-up about your company? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

LINKRAND is quick, easy, and convenient! Best of all, it is an inexpensive way of effectively promoting awareness of your site.


  1. Total banner slots sold will be 100,000
  2. Price per banner slot is only $100
  3. You may purchase as many banner slots as you want, up to the remaining number of slots left on the site. Each extra slot you purchase will increase the frequency that your banner loads!
  4. You may submit any banner you want, as long as its content is appropriate, up to a file size of 100KB. It will not be resized on upload or display. Only .JPG images will be accepted.
  5. Once payment is received and verified, and graphic is received, your banner image will be placed into the queue within 72 hours.
  6. As I am only displaying your image, rights for images submitted remain the sole responsibility of the submitter. Liability of webmaster for is limited to price paid for services rendered.
  7. Links advertised on LINKRAND are at the sole discretion of LINKRAND. LINKRAND reserves the right to refuse advertisement of any linked page by refunding the money paid to LINKRAND.
  8. Modifications to images submitted are not allowed.

Getting my image onto LINKRAND

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